A working prototype of the website can be found here: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/30680105/MEGAPODZONE/html/PODZONETHEBESTwithbutton.html


This was a project for COGS121 (Studio in Web Design) in which we attempted to create a tool that would allow students to study efficiently using lecture podcasts and lecture slides simultaneously. This was a continuation of our project in COGS102 (Studio in Human Computer Interaction) in which we analyzed user needs and deficiencies with current podcast study implementations.

We found that the use of podcasts was hampered due to the separation of platforms used to study — users would often study with lecture slides hosted in a browser, lecture podcasts hosted in a different tab in the same browser, and written notes in a notebook. The problem with separate platforms reared its head when the user decided to rewind or fast-forward. Because the platforms are separate, changing the timeline of one information stream forced the user to stop studying completely, synchronize all the media, and then begin to study again, greatly disrupting any workflow maintained during listening.

Our 121 project was an attempt to lessen the workflow disruption when adjusting media streams. By keeping all pertinent information on the same screen, the user can fine-tune control much more easily, allowing the user to maintain a workflow while studying with lecture podcasts. Future implementations of this project will involve automatic media synchronization, which allows the user to adjust multiple media streams using a single stream.



About Space Town

Space Town is: http://space-town.org
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