Start at 4:12 for our project — this is a compilation of the whole class’ projects

Singularity was an audiovisual performance through a video game level by myself, Kris Calabio, and our professor Brett Stalbaum who we convinced to perform the night of. It was the final project for the Introduction to Computing and the Arts class we both took. I wrote the poem and created the level in the Source Engine through Valve’s Hammer Editor. Afterwards, Kris and I wrote a chord progression where the chords correspond to the room that the player inhabits.

The project guidelines were to create “an audiovisual performance,” so Kris and I took that to mean “make something cool.” We intentionally made the music droning and drowned it in reverb and delay effects to create an ethereal audio experience, coupled with the visual experience of walking through rooms with nothing but words on them. The chords are composed of Kris’ guitar with (too much) reverb and delay combined with a Nintendo Gameboy running LittleSoundDJ for the base of the chord.


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